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Friday, January 23, 2009

2 Month Update

Yes, I know, I'm a bad blogger...but I must say that I truly thought I would have more spare time on my hands than I actually do. Mr. Spencer keeps me quite busy, and like his mother, does not nap very much. He generally sleeps for about 6 hrs straight at night, unfortunately it is from 9 pm to 3 am (ish), but we are working on that.

Spencer is now 2 months old; at his check-up he weighed in at a whopping 11lbs 12oz and is 23 1/4 inches long placing him in the 50 percentile. He is now wearing 3-6 month clothing and in size 1 diapers. Josh and I went back and forth (many, many times) in regards to what to do about vaccination; in the end we decided to follow the American Association of Pediatrics schedule. Our main concern was obviously with the hype on Autism being caused by the MMR immunization; however, I have spoken to many many research articles and have discovered that there is no scientific relation between the two. I have learned that Autism occurs in 1 of every 150 children born, and is a pre-determined factor. Everyone has their own opinion on the situation, and these are mine (ours).

To help with the weight loss issue, I have joined Weight Watchers. After 3 weeks, I am down a total of 5lbs. I know this is good, but I would like for it to be more.....25 more to go, until I get to my goal. Wish me luck!

We have been enjoying some classes at NSU's Mailman Segal Institute; on Tuesdays I do a Mommy-n-Me, and on Thursday evenings Josh joins us for a music class.

Spencer can hold his own maraca!

Our friends, Dawn and Walter, took some amazing pictures of Spencer and us when he was one month old:

After his 2 month appointment, he was exhausted:

I told Spencer that we were heading off to my WW meeting, and this was his response: Spencer finally had a chance to meet Aunt Corey and his cousins Luke, Sarah, Lilli, and Gabe. We attempted to get a picture of all the kids together....this was the best we could get! Aunt Corey says this picture is like "Where's Waldo?"!
This is a cute outfit that Kendra & Adam got him: