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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

I considered it an honor last night to be in the same room as Ms. Barbra Streisand. Last night, for my mother's birthday, I had bought her tickets to see her, but unfortunately, I could only afford the "heaven" seats. All that changed as we approached, what I liked to call the "stairway to heaven". A very very nice gentleman pulled us out of line, and offered to upgrade our seats. No strings attached! So, instead of sitting in section 419, we got to sit in 101. We paid $200 a seat, the people next to us and all around, paid over $700. All I can say is "HELLO GORGEOUS"!! Here are some pictures (from the Sun-Sentinel's website) from last night's show. It was amazing! And today being Halloween, we couldn't go without mentioning that! A bunch of co-workers and I decided to go as "deviled eggs". We won group most original. We were a complete dozen! And let's not forget about Luke! He was dressed as Pooh...go figure! Luke will be visiting us this weekend. Yay!! Lots of Love! Gena

Sunday, October 15, 2006

It's been awhile...

OK, so I know that it's been quite sometime since a blog has been posted. Actually, the first and only post was when we got engaged. So, here's the update:
1. We picked a date: 05.06.07, we didn't pick it b/c it read that way; we picked it b/c it seemed to work out well for all. Plus, it goes along with the whole 'Beshert' thing. When you add of 05+06+07 = 18, and everyone knows that 18 = good luck. So there ya go!
2. We picked a place: Delray Beach Marriott; More details are available on our wedding website via at Take a look at it, and don't forget to sign our guestbook!
Look at that view!!! Hopefully the weather on our day will be just as nice!

3. Our nephew, Lucas Jacob Gaynes is FINALLY home! View Corey & David's blog at: We're still working on bringing home Sophia; Corey and Dianne will be going to Guatemala to spend Thanksgiving with her.

That's my DUDE! Isn't he just adorable!
4. Jared (Josh's brother for those who don't know) and Michele's wedding is just days away, 11.05.06! Everyone is so excited for them!
5. Wendy and Bob (Josh's parents) are doing it it again! They're getting ready to move again....this time to a beautiful condo on the water. I can't even begin to explain how spectacular their view is......
6. Dianne (Gena's mother) is on cloud 9! She's gloating as a grandmother, and has already been to Orlando 2x in the week Luke has been here to see him. She can't wait to get to Guatemala to meet Sophia. Plus, she's packing her bags for a trip to Las Vegas for her friend Anna's daughter's wedding.....upon her return, for her birthday, her and Gena will be seeing Barbara Streisand; Actually, from where there seats are, they'll be hearing her!
7. Poor little Bunker has been diagnosed with have stones in his bladder. Poor baby...but with a special diet, we can hopefully avoid surgery. So far, he's been on the new food for about 8 days. It may be in my head, but he's starting to act more like himself. We're keeping our fingers crossed!
8. Don't ask me about the Dolphins this year. You can read about it yourself at Enough said!
9. We recently saw the Dave Matthews Band. What an amazing experience it was, and our seats were unbelievable! We went both nights, and the second night can actually be heard via AOL: We also had the chance to see Hootie & The Blowfish again as well. Our seats were incredible for that show as well. We don't have any pictures from our seats, sorry!
This is a picture from our seats. Crazy huh!?!?
Well, this is all for now. We're on vacation this week, so we're kicking back and relaxing. Take care!
Love & Luck
Gena & Josh