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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A sign of things to come???

So, yesterday was my appointment with the periantologist, and apparently we have a very stubborn child on his/her way! The baby stayed in a fetal position w/legs crossed. The entire time! So my next appointment isn't until 7/14, so hopefully we will find out the sex of the baby then. It didn't really bother me so much until we were back in the waiting room, and 5 woman all with due dates at least 2 weeks past mine found out the sex of their babies! WTF! Only I would have a stubborn child.....he/she takes after Josh! However, the HB measured 145 and the baby weighs about 6 oz. The dr said I was measuring right on target. I did the last of the blood draw for the NT scan, and should expect a call from them sometime next week.
That's all for now....we're off to San Luis Obispo, CA for my cousin Shannon's wedding. I can't wait to get there.....apparently the weather is going to be amazing. Well, amazing according to We'll see how reliable they are!!!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Saying it out loud.....

We are expecting! After two miscarriages, months of testing, it is true. Not only that, we have made it past the first trimester. My expected due date (edd) is November 27, 2008, or if it is easier to say, Thanksgiving day. We have therefore nicknamed our little one 'Tofurkey'; well, I have nicknamed him/her Tofurkey. The first trimester was rough, but I made it through OK. I stopped taking my MS medicine to instead add on Crinone (progesterone), Lovenox, Baby Aspirin, Metanx, and RX PNV's. The morning sickness, actually ALL day sickness, has lessened since I am no longer on the progesterone; I'm hoping that it will soon dissipate, and I can trade in the feelings for some baby movements. The hardest part of this pregnancy is that I'm afraid to enjoy it; I'm afraid I'll wake up one morning and this pregnancy will all be a dream. However, for now I will practice my mantras: I AM PREGNANT, AND I WILL STAY PREGNANT. For now I am seeing my OBGYN and a Perinatologist, so I'm under great care and we get to see our little more often than we normally would. I'm thankful that our RE was able to successfully get us here, but I was so sad to say goodbye to him. Dr. Hoffman, from IVF Florida, helped us find all the minor issues that were blocking us from having a baby. We are so thankful and overjoyed to be at this point! Pictures thus far: Until next time....