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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Just Another Day.......

It's us again!!!
Yes, you do see correctly....Josh is holding a beer, and he did finish this one!
Miami Dolphins 13, Kansas City Chiefs 10 Up Next: Minnesota Vikings at Miami Dolphins, 1:00 PM kickoff at Dolphins Stadium, viewable on the FOX network.

And of course, we can not forget our little LJ!!

Nothing new or too exciting is going on right now. Right now we're dealing with the stresses of being at the end of the term for our graduate programs, we've started to look for invitations, and we're making more of an attempt to hit the gym.

Birthday Wishes are extended out to:

Bunker Wolf-Lederhandler, who turned 3 on 11/13/06,

Richard Wilson, who turned 20-12 on 11/13/06,

Wendy Lederhandler, who will turn 29 (again) on 11/15/06,

and Casey Lederhandler, who will turn 2 on 11/15/06.

Coming up soon:

Our poor little Bunker will be having surgery on 11/17 to remove the stones in his bladder. Your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery are appreciated!

Bunker way back then....

.....and Bunker now....poor little guy...has no idea what's coming his way!

More to come later on!!! With Life, Luck, and Love,

Gena & Josh

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