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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The seems like it was yesterday, but it was more like over 7 months ago...

Well, the cruise might be over, but the honeymoon sure isn't! Our relationship is getting stonger and stronger as each day & it's challenges come at us! But, we are survivors and we'll make it!! Like Kanye says....."That, that, that don't kill me....will only make me stronger" Enjoy the pictures!!! Take care!!!

Of course Josh got the window seat! The Seattle skyline At the famouse Fish Market stand (the one 'Fish' is written about) Pikes Place Public Market Old school chairs in the basement of the market
Josh found a fountain!
The view from our balcony while at dock
Look at the tourist!
Finally, we found the bar!!
Our door! Surprise #1
Welcome to j u n e a u • a l a s k a!
Getting ready to Zip!
Not so tight there! I'm going to need those swimmers!! Here we go!!!!
Hang on baby!
Don't look down!!
That's snow on the ground in June!
Game on!!!
Docked in Juneau!
It's cold in Skagway!!
Josh found the brothel!
Getting ready to take the helicopter to hike a glacier. Self-portrait on the helicopter
From WAY up high!!
He apparently didn't read the sign!!
Just a great spot to take a picture!
When you gotta go, you gotta go!
Welcome to Tracy Arm Fjord!
Ice from a real glacier
The only pictures worth sharing from our brief visit to Prince Rupert, Canada...
We saw some amazing sunsets!
2nd last formal night
This is Victor, our waiter
Parade of flags, every country was represented...FL was the only state there. Strange, but true. This is Captain Stein....
Haven't you always wanted a 'MonkeY'?
I heart Seattle!!!

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