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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A sign of things to come???

So, yesterday was my appointment with the periantologist, and apparently we have a very stubborn child on his/her way! The baby stayed in a fetal position w/legs crossed. The entire time! So my next appointment isn't until 7/14, so hopefully we will find out the sex of the baby then. It didn't really bother me so much until we were back in the waiting room, and 5 woman all with due dates at least 2 weeks past mine found out the sex of their babies! WTF! Only I would have a stubborn child.....he/she takes after Josh! However, the HB measured 145 and the baby weighs about 6 oz. The dr said I was measuring right on target. I did the last of the blood draw for the NT scan, and should expect a call from them sometime next week.
That's all for now....we're off to San Luis Obispo, CA for my cousin Shannon's wedding. I can't wait to get there.....apparently the weather is going to be amazing. Well, amazing according to We'll see how reliable they are!!!

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