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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We're having a.....

BOY! I was completely shocked, but we are both extremely thrilled! So far, so good...he is perfectly healthy weighing in at approximately 13 oz and measuring at 20w3d (yesterday), with a strong heartbeat at 141 bpm. Everything measured well, and now we are only missing the feet measurements (we'll, and the dr, will be looking for those at our next appt). And to answer the #1 question, we have not yet agreed on a name, but no worries we're working on it! Here are some pictures for your enjoyment: If you need help finding the "goods", let us know!


Tracy said...

That's all boy! :)

Erica and Kenny said...

Yay!! We are so happy for you guys! I (Erica) have been checking your blog waiting for you to post if it is a boy or a girl. = ) We are so excited for you!