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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Nursery is Painted!

Apparently 'Handy Man Tom' works in Tropical Storms! What will be the nursery is now painted! We decided to go with just one color (instead of the original plans of 3). We chose Mickey Sailor from the Behr's Disney collection. I think it will look nice with the neutral colors of the bedding and cinnamon colored furniture we chose. Not sure how the color looks in the pics, so I'm posting it compared to the closet doors (which will be painted in a cream-ish color, but are currently only primed). The flooring is being replaced with a wood laminate (we weren't going to change it, but a recent flood has given due cause). When the nursery is completely done, I will post more pics; for now it is just painted with all the old furniture sitting in the center of the room (which if you are interested, is currently for sale on Craig's List). Handy Man Tom is now working on Tofurkey's (aka S.A.L.) bathroom. To that we are just changing the vanity/mirror, the toilet, and painting it a cream-ish color. Although I originally wanted to do a monkey theme, we have decided on a jungle theme instead. Will post those pics once it is done.

Hope you like it!!!

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