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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Obsession Confession

OK, so my new current obsession is very similar to an old confession. I'm currently obsessed with finding the right diaper bag. This runs simultaneously with my obsession of purses/hand bags. I know the root of this obsession is years of being overweight and the only thing I was able to shop for/purchase (that my normal size friends could) were shoes and handbags. Justifiable, yet very expensive! So, for my shower an anonymous gift give gave me a very gorgeous Juicy diaper bag (see pic below).

Yet, how would one think that I could only own one? Especially since the first one is black? Since we know that S.A.L. is a boy, I've decided that I will also need one in a neutral tone and blue/green.

This bag is the Ju Ju Be - All Drip Drops Diaper Bag. It's cute, a combination of my favorite colors and reminds me of a Hawaiian shirt (something that was commonly worn by my father).

This one is very, very earth-friendly! It is marketed as the 'better version of the Fleurville Mothership'. It is slightly smaller than the Mothership, and is made of recycled plastic bottle fabric. This is the Fleurville Chocolate Bottle Flower Re-Run Messenger Diaper Bag.

I found these 2 great bags, along with free shipping, at:

I haven't made the final purchase yet, so for now they remain in my shopping cart on their website.

The only thing additional thing I am now looking for in addition to the above is a backpack style diaper bag that Josh will carry as well. I know, I know....I'm a little obsessive compulsive about a simple diaper bag when I should be more worried about what type of formula to use (no I won't be breastfeeding, so therefore I am formula feeding), but this is an easier obsession for now.


Rachael said...

I love the blue/green one... that should definitely be a must get. I stopped carrying a purse so if you normally would spend that on new purses I say go for it.

Tracy said...

I really like the fun blue green Ju Ju Be. But ten again the Fleurville chocolate would be a nice one that's more neutral.

Decisions! :)

I have a Glazed Nightfall in Madrid Petunia Pickle Bottom and a smaller backpack style from BRU.

You're making me want another.

Enjoy all the fun that goes along with Tofurkey!

Jennifer J. said...

I love the Juicy bag!! You have such good taste in bags, I need to go shopping with you :)